Marry was playing in her room one afternoon. It was just after school and Marry’s father hadn’t arrived home from work yet. It was only her in the house, and she was engrossed in a game of solitaire.

Marry was having a good time, except she keep getting she feeling she was being watched. And every now and then Marry would glance to see a porcelain doll sitting on her dresser. Its glassy blue eyes appeared to be staring at her. She tried to ignore it, but over time it started to get to her on her nerves.

Marry got up and turned the doll to face the wall. Then she resumed her game.

It hadn’t been long, however, before Marry glanced up again. The doll was turned back around and appeared to be staring at her. Marry couldn’t understand it. She could swear that there was nobody else home, and that there was no way the doll could have turned its self. Shrugging, she went up to the doll and turned it back around. But again and again, the doll would move be moved back into her previous position .

Finally, Marry had enough of this. She went into the dresser, grabbed the doll and threw it into the closet, slamming it shut. She then resumed her game of solitaire.

For a while, things appeared to be going well. But then she glanced up one last time.

She saw the closet door only slightly ajar. The doll was peeking through the opening at her. Its glassy blue eyes seemed to be staring in to Marrys soul. The door opened further and Marrys world went black.

John returned home to find his daughter sitting on the couch watching TV. He walked over and sat down by his daugher. Marry turned her head to look at him. John recoiled when he saw Marrys eyes. Her eyes were lacking any emotion like a doll.

Hello Dear reader my name is Yoshi Tomoe. I am an expiring righter so I am experimenting in different genres. Enjoy